Flash - Comedy & Magic. Kids Magician Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East England

My children’s magic show is fully interactive meaning that the children don’t just sit and watch the show, they actually take part in it.

K ids themselves make the magic happen, they say the magic words and they are the stars of the show.

As with all of my shows the format is ‘fast paced, visual and funny’ and the kids will constantly be laughing and shouting out. There are no long-winded, drawn out magic tricks in my shows. It’s action for every minute.

All the children take part in the show but a select few will get the chance to come up on stage, be the star and win a prize. My aim with the show is that by the end, the children will feel a sense of achievement, that they have made real magic happen and had loads of fun doing it.

My kids shows are suitable for ages 4 and up.

Kids magician north east newcastle upon tyne

Kids Magic Show

"It was great! You work hard, you make it fun and you're worth every penny"

- Nicola Jane Mantalios-Lovett - Ridgeway Primary School

Kids Party Packages

I have 2 Party packages available and my prices for bookings within the North east are:

Package 1

£1501 hr

  • 60min Kids magic show
  • An extra special advanced balloon model for the birthday boy or girl.
  • Helpers who come on stage in the show get an advanced balloon model as a prize.

Package 2

£2002 hrs

  • 60min Kids magic show
  • An extra special advanced balloon model for the birthday boy or girl.
  • Helpers who come on stage in the show get an advanced balloon model as a prize.
  • 60mins Party Games. None of the children are ever eliminated in the games, there are no limits or extra charges for the number of children in attendance, I run all the party games and provide all of the prizes.
  • Music. I provide music throughout the party.


In both packages you have the option of ordering a small balloon for each child at the party. I offer a basic balloon for each child for just £1 per balloon. Just let me know how many children you are expecting.

"Thanks for the great show. Nathan and Natasha said they had the best party ever."

- Katrina Hickey - 5 year old birthday party

What People Ask

What else do I need to book for my child's party to be a success?

If you book me to perform for a child's birthday you do not need to provide anything other than a venue, food for the children and the birthday cake. I will entertain the children for the entire time you book me for.

Other children’s entertainments such as bouncy castles, face painters, a fun bus etc. are all great fun but I recommend you do not have all of these things going on at once. If there is too much going on, none of it is appreciated to its fullest extent. I would recommend you arrange for the other activities to start after the magic show.

Do you have a CRB check?

There is no such thing as a CRB check anymore. A new law has come into effect for people who work with children and vulnerable adults. It is now called a DBS check. Under the new rules, Children's Entertainers cannot have a DBS check as we do not work regularly with the same children and we are never left alone in charge of children. Not my rules! This is from the government.

As per the DBS rules I am unable to request a check on myself but please feel reassured that if you want to do your own DBS check on me to work regularly with children, I will happily oblige and give you all the details that you will need to complete the check. I have in the past had the old CRB checks done, but that is no longer an option since CRB doesn't exist anymore.

For a more in depth explanation you can visit the DBS website by clicking this link https://www.gov.uk/disclosure-barring-service-check/overview or by calling DBS direct on tel.no 0300 0200 190